Source code for sinabs.activation.reset_mechanism

from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import Optional

[docs] @dataclass class MembraneReset: """Reset the membrane potential v_mem to a given value after it spiked. Parameters: reset_value: fixed value that a neuron should be reset to. Defaults to zero. Example: >>> layer = sinabs.layers.LIF(reset_fn=MembraneReset(reset_value=0.), ...) """ reset_value: float = 0.0 def __call__(self, spikes, state, spike_threshold): new_state = state.copy() new_state["v_mem"] = ( new_state["v_mem"] * (spikes == 0).float() + self.reset_value ) return new_state
[docs] @dataclass class MembraneSubtract: """Subtract the spiking threshold from the membrane potential for every neuron that spiked. Parameters: subtract_value: optional value that will be subtraced from v_mem if it spiked. Defaults to spiking threshold if None. Example: >>> layer = sinabs.layers.LIF(reset_fn=MembraneSubtract(subtract_value=None), ...) """ subtract_value: Optional[float] = None def __call__(self, spikes, state, threshold): new_state = state.copy() if self.subtract_value is not None: new_state["v_mem"] = new_state["v_mem"] - spikes * self.subtract_value else: new_state["v_mem"] = new_state["v_mem"] - spikes * threshold return new_state