Sinabs is available on PyPI:

pip install sinabs

Checkout our quick instructional on how to create a project based on sinabs within a virtual environment using pyenv+pipenv.

You can also install the latest/nightly build of sinabs by installing the pre-releases.:

pip install --upgrade sinabs --pre

Alternatively you can also use conda:

conda install sinabs -c conda-forge

If you want to develop or have access to source code of sinabs, download the package from the git repository:

cd <to/your/software/folder>
git clone
cd sinabs
pip install .

For developers, we recommend that you install this package as a development version so that you can update the package without reinstalling it.

pip install -e .


If you are either using or developing plugin packages such as sinabs-exodus, a development install with -e flag does not work as expected. We suggest you do a regular pip installation every time you make a change.